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PVC constructions that never run out, higienic and well presented

I am pleased to inform you as a dealer of Royalco S.A. to represent and sell their constructive RBS (Royal Building System) in PVC. I am able to advise you, to attend all your requirements, designs and execute your constructions with highly trained personnel.

We have an ample offer of houses and buildings for living, houses for farms and islands, military lodging, schools, interior divisions, health posts, clinics, warehouses, hangars, closures, watch houses, among many other applications, as well as windows, doors, summerhouses, kiosks, railing that don´t deteriorate or rust. The designs may be yours or previously existent.

The PVC construction system offers the best conditions in time saving, cleanness and durability, as well as very competitive prices compared to the traditional construction. It is worth while to get to know this construction system.

I´d like to personally inform you about the opportunities of the Royalco RBS construction system, make suggestions and invite you to visit houses and finished works and talk about all the comparative advantages we have.

I´m at your orders
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Constructive System
RBS (Royal Bulding Sistem) in PVC

The Royalco System has been offering a diversity of applications and has entered the market with a new light system, easy to install, combining a metal structure that joins between the profiles and give the structure and rigidity needed for any construction.

This light solutions make the material 100% recoverable and easy to dismount, install and transport.

Constructing with these solutions is cheaper, due to the fact that the foundation specifications may be less. Plus, th investment in the metal structure is less than the one for concrete injection and the hand labor in the installation is reduced.

PVC Tubes
Royalco S.A. counts with PVC tubes for different applications and designs such as: railing, fencing, phone raceways, kiosks and all the applications that your creativity allows you to design. The use of tubes ensures a lasting construction of a smooth surface, easy to maintain, resistant to extreme climates and insects, will never need painting and guarantees an incomparable aesthetic finish.

House San Andres - Colombia

Railing - PVC Tubes
House of Las Villas - Puerto de la Cruz, Venezuela.
Floating Door

Mezzanine with ceiling finish included
Divisions for offices
Thermic Trucks
Cold Rooms

Profiles in rigid PVC for:
Door Frames
Window Frames
Facade coating
Roofing tiles
Railings and fencing

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